The Water Eaton Community Larder

A few weeks ago we partnered up with Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council and with the SOFEA charity in the provision of a community larder. There’s a string of community larders across the country now. They have twin objectives: (a) to minimise the amount of perfectly good food that gets sent to the rubbish tip by large supermarkets, and (b) to make that food available to members of the community larder at a much reduced price.

As the poster – below – says, it costs £10 a year to become a member. On top of that you pay either £3.50 or £7.00 a week. For £3.50 you’re entitled to 10 items and for £7.00 you’re entitled to 20 items a week from the larder. The ‘items’ are non-perishable food (ie. food in tins, packets, cartons, etc.) such as tea, rice, baked beans, and breakfast cereal.

There’s also a counter of non-perishable items which are free (ie. they don’t count as part of your 10 or 20 item entitlement)., because typically they’re getting a bit near their ‘best before’ date. There’s also a counter of free perishable items ie. fruit and vegetables.

The larder is open every Tuesday afternoon from 2.00 – 4.00pm. in the Water Eaton Church Centre.

If you want to join, you can come along on a Tuesday. Alternatively, you could either follow the links in the poster, or ring the Council on 01908-649469, tell them you’d like to join, and one of their clerks will get back to you.